Portrait Photographers Near Me


I am a headshot and portrait photographer living in the Kingdom of Bahrain, but I wasn’t born this way!  I’m from small town Alabama and I joined the Navy when it was time for me to go out on my own.  In the Navy I learned all about nuclear power (scary stuff) and had the privilege of riding beneath the earth’s oceans on one of the largest submarines ever constructed – FOR 5 YEARS!  It was a blast and one helluva challenge!

After the Navy I moved to the Middle East and that’s where I’ve been (mostly) for the last 18 years.  Bahrain is where my family and I call home and we have no plans to leave.  We love this little island!

Since 2016 I’ve been a member of Peter Hurley’s worldwide network of headshot photographers known as the Headshot Crew.  We are a like-minded tribe of photographers dedicated to perfecting the art of the headshot so that we can better serve you (because you’re awesome!).  Without you we could not do what it is that we truly love; prove to you how a photo session with the right photographer can actually make you feel, well, like a superstar!  Great photos that represent your personal brand are merely a byproduct of that experience.

Portrait Photographers Near Me

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