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100 milliseconds.

That’s how long it takes for someone to form an impression of you from your online profile picture.  It’s difficult to change someone’s perception after the fact so make every bit of it count.  You need a professional headshot made in collaboration with a professional headshot photographer.  With it, you will control the situation by visually crafting your personal brand.

A headshot isn’t just for actors, models, LinkedIn or your CV, by the way.  Your personal brand extends to other social networks (Facebook, Instagram, dating sites, etc.).

Like it or not, this is the world we live in; and this is my specialty.

How I can help

My primary focus as a photographer is as a headshot photographer for personal branding.  Personal branding is a subject that I’m very passionate about and I’m excited to be able to help you with yours!  I’ve mentored under the best specialists in the world and I’m trained to recognize the elements that make a great headshot as well as those that can ruin one.  My goal for our session is to produce the best photograph you’ve ever taken.  One that represents your brand as confident and friendly.  

The coaching process starts well in advance of our studio session.  I will prepare you for maximum success ahead of time by informing you of best practices for makeup, hair, wardrobe, and expression.  If you take advantage of the resources I provide during this preparation phase then we’re all but guaranteed a successful outcome.

Visual representation of a brand differs from C-level executives, to IT technicians, to actors, etc.  We will create an image of you that visually communicates your brand’s message in a way that is professional and in scope.  Not everyone requires a coat and tie!  This is another area of coaching that I’ll provide as we work through this process together.

Your brand deserves more than a quick snapshot or selfie.  Your headshot has commercial application that can directly affect your “employability”.  Don’t trust this aspect of your brand to a photographer who doesn’t specialize in headshot photography.

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